A visit to our beauty parlour means not only being provided with professional care, but also receiving expert advice and enjoying a short moment of relaxation. It is the time for the body and for the spirit, allowing you to regain your vitality and your good frame of mind. The diagnosis of the state of your skin, preceding a procedure and combined with cosmetic interviews, will make it possible for us to choose the customized kinds of procedures, and also care. The cosmetic products we use represent the following renowned brands: Clarena, Opi, Nail Tek and Gelish.

Procedures for face:

    • Anti age – a rejuvenating procedure
    • Dermasebum – a normalizing procedure
    • Fruit – a regenerative procedure
    • Hydro oxy – a moisturizing procedure
    • AHA fruit Line – a procedurę with the application of acids
    • Collage & micro-collagen – a procedure with the application of collagen
    • Golden vitamin C – a procedure with the application of golden vitamin C
    • Sensitive – an alleviating-relaxing procedure
    • Cavitation peeling – pain-free cleansing
    • Diamond microdermabrasion
    • No-needle mesotherapy
    • Almond peeling
    • Manual cleansing

-Japanese manicure
-Hybrid manicure
-Hybrid pedicure

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